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LILI-X-FALUJA, Itamar Palogi and Lior Peleg are an artistic duo whose expertise can be easily recognized in their larger-than-life sculptures and installations.

Itamar is from the world of art and design, and a graduate of Bezalel School of Art and Design,

Lior, complements his art from the world of architecture and building engineering. Combining these two capabilities, they create structures, and constructive sculptures of colossal dimensions. 


LILI-X-FALUJA work along the fine line between open-air art, street art, stage settings, construction and structures. They combine nature – flora and fauna – ancient, primal and tribal with modern, contemporary, processed and industrialized. Their work is a culmination of their awareness of their surroundings and their environment. 


Itamar and Lior collect discarded, used, rejected, superfluous materials and recycle them into grandiose works of art, which can hardly be imagined by those who  envision beyond what the eye has already seen. 


The artistic pair share many facets of their life: They are brothers-in-law, who live in a communal home, each with his wife and children, keeping a close tie to earth, nature and clarity. Their studio is behind their home, with a spacious yard to house their creations. 


"Creativity and its execution are an integral part of life itself,  and that’s what makes it larger than life”. 





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