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Temple 1

This assembly hall was constructed for the Midburn Festival in 2015. It was built implementing sacred geometry shapes, from wood and palm fronds. The artist's design was inspired by sacred tribal structures around the world and the Middle East, and was decorated with palm-leaf branches, local flora, picked from date groves in the Israeli desert.

The structure had six spiraling entrance halls, leading onto two floors, and a main hall - in which participants could find a quiet space for meditation, prayer and contemplation. There was a 360-degree terrace, from which participants could observe the festival, the desert, sunrises and sunsets.
on the last day of the festival we got married in it.
than we burned it up.


Wood, palm branches, fire
12m X 30m diameter

lighting by Nimrod Astarhan

LILI -X- FALUJA - Temple 1

Mania Naiman

LILI -X- FALUJA - Temple 1
LILI -X- FALUJA - Temple 1
LILI -X- FALUJA - Temple 1
LILI -X- FALUJA - Temple 1
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