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The Flying Camel

The flying camel is a logo of the Oriental Fair, later known as the Levant Fair,
the fair  was established with the encouragement of the mayor of Tel-Aviv at that time, Meir Dizengoff, and was a huge success. The endeavor was to promote Arab and Jewish collaboration, as well as to boost Middle East economy. Legend has it that critics and cynics, who were skeptical of such an initiative said that there would be a fair in Tel Aviv of such magnitude only when "camels grow wings and fly." Hence, the inception of the logo.


We chose to revive the logo and present it in the desert as a symbol of East meeting West,

overcoming barriers, and spreading our wings against all odds. The sculpture weighed six metric tons and was suspended in the air, also against all physical obstacles.

created in collaboration with Ronny Duek and Amit Ginzler
video mapping by Yair Moss



Metal, wood, palm branches and fronds
14m x 14m X 7m

LILI -X- FALUJA - The Flying Camel
LILI -X- FALUJA - The Flying Camel

Amit Ginzler

LILI -X- FALUJA - The Flying Camel
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