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window Stories

Rarely does one get the opportunity to combine creativity, nostalgia, art, history and love in one project. The late photographer, Yoram Amir of Jerusalem had an eclectic collection of over 2500 windows from the city's past 150 years. Windows designed by the historic population of Palestinian carpenters: Christian, Armenian, Muslim, Turkish, British, Bukharan Jews, and German Templars, all of whom contributed through their craftsmanship to add decoration and ornamentation to their beloved city.  


Yoram Amir was an artist who collected old windows that had been dismantled from refurbished buildings throughout the city in protest against the lack of appreciation for the architectural beauty of the city and the artistic attention given to detail over the decades. 


We received this exceptional collection posthumously, and created an outdoor pavillion that combines the contours of the quaint, Old Jerusalem with the metropolitan New Jerusalem – national and sacred. It exalts the beauty of Jerusalem, the artisans that labored over each window to produce this historic splendor, and as a tribute to Yoram, who took pains to care so much about his city and to remind us all.


The pavillion is a soupҫon of tranquility in the heart of Jerusalem for all of the city's residents' enjoyment.
The structure was created under the auspices of the Mekudeshet Festival, 2019.
and the help of Eden the Jerusalem Center Development Company.




550 Old windows of jerusalem

16m X 13m X 13m

photos by Daniel Chanoch

LILI -X-X FALUJA - window stories
LILI -X- FALUJA - window stories
LILI -X- FALUJA - window stories
LILI -X- FALUJA - window stories
LILI -X- FALUJA - window stories
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